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Timefactors PRS-17

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Eddie has been very successful at creating the re-editions of the Precista military watches for a number of years. The PRS-17C gives the owner a look and feel of the old Lemaina 5100 (no longer available) but at the cost of a 27 jewel ETA quartz. The PRS-17C is a natural extension to the PRS-17 line up that also has a quartz and automatic version. In accordance with Eddie?s other re-editions there has been a few updates made to the initial design to keep with the changes in today?s technologies, one such being the upgrade to a sapphire crystal.

Specs - PRS-17C

Case width (inc crown) = 43 mm
Case thickness = 12.5 mm
Case length (lug to lug) = 44.5 mm
Lug width = 20.0 mm
Weight = 65 grams
Crystal = 2mm Sapphire AR on the underside
Anti-magnetic = 4800 A/m
Water resistance = 100 meters
Bezel = 120 clicks
Luminous = Super Luminova C3
Date at 4:30 position

The PRS-17C (and indeed the quartz and automatic versions), has a very iconic case design. The stout looking case, with its solid lugs, proper crown guards and sturdy bezel, make for a watch that can take a beating!

One great addition to this design is the option of either the divers or 12 hour bezel. For what it?s worth my money would go on the 12 hour bezel on this type of watch. 

Checking out the dial you have a very clean matt black dial with the words Precista just below the 12. Some watches carry a whole host of inscription, but I like the dials and clean as possible. To be honest this dial has a lot going on so I do not think you could add any text even if you wanted to.

Hands; to start with we have the typical hour and minute hands, the sub dial at 6 is the constant seconds ? all of which are in white. Next we have the Lemaina set up of chronograph minutes (airplane tip) and seconds, the sub dial at 2 is the 1/10th of a second and the sub dial at 10 is the hours ? all of which are yellow.

Hour markers and sub dials. This is not immediately apparent but you cannot read this watch by mistake upside down, why? Take a look at the hour markers. You have three at the top at the 11, 12, & 1 position, the next three at 3, 4 & 5, the next three at 7, 8 & 9. Checking this out at night with the lume it is easy to spot if you pick the watch up and read it wrongly.

One comment that has raised an nbso eyebrow on the ???????????? ????????? ???????? forum is the closeness the spring bar holes are to the edge of the lugs. Indeed checking the watch and the blueprint of the watch they do seem to be closer than a few of my other watches. However I would not say that this is a risk in terms of a spring bar failure or a worse case scenario that the lugs actually fail. It may simply be that the watch can accommodate a thicker type of strap, say a thick leather strap. I would conclude that this is not a negative point of the watch and bears no risk to the wearer.



For me a 12 hour bezel is the only way to go with this watch, as it adds another useful feature to the watch. I do tend to travel and a second time zone is a really valuable feature and with a quick turn of In the meantime, while it is in the supply, it is used to settle many free-credits-report.com /debt transactions. the bezel I have two time zones. If you are the real diver type and not the desk diver I am the diver style bezel is available. Staying with the bezel it has a smooth 120 click that is responsive but not too firm. I would not say is loose, on the contrary is never moved during all the time I had it, but for you 60 click gang out there it does feel different.

Both types of bezels contain a lume spot at the 12 o?clock positions.




Time, date & chronograph

I will not bore you with the hour and minute, but I will talk about the continuous seconds sub dial located at the 6 o?clock position. As this is quartz you will get a ticking of the seconds hands, but as this is within a sub dial it is less obvious. I would expect that even the most hardened anti-quartz WIS would find this acceptable.

The date function located at 04.30 position and surprisingly becomes almost invisible when you check the time due to the white on black date wheel.

Chronograph functions! This watch has them all... it is actually a pleasure to have all the standard timing features (well most of them) of a digital watch put onto an analogue watch. It is more delightful to start, lap, stop, re-start stop the watch with the analogue hands than compared to my G-Shocks, something nice watching the hands whizzing around. Just for clarification when you use the chronograph function, the seconds hand does tick around the dial as you would expect of quartz.

One point to raise here is that the operation of the chronograph buttons feel different compared to its mechanical counterparts. I expect the quartz buttons to depress onto a part of an electronic circuit, whilst the buttons of a mechanical movement depress on to actual movement. This should not be taken as a negative comment, but just to highlight there is a difference.

The accuracy of this timepiece was, as you would expect spot on. After setting it with the atomic clock it was dead on for the 6 days I had it.

I found myself using the function much more that my EZM4, I used it for cycling splits, child sleeping, taxi rides, walks etc.


The operation of the crown is not only essential for waterproofing but the means to set the watch. The PRS-17C is rated to 100 meters due to the chronograph buttons, however the automatic and quartz versions are to 200 meters. The crown operation was fine, I doubt if there would be a risk of miss threading this crown at all.


Although I did expose this to sunlight then cup my hands around the watch to check the lume, I did not perform any lume checks. It is C3 so I expect it is up to the C3 standard.

Feel (how it wears)

For the PRS-17C pass around you are not allowed to remove the spring bars to change the strap (for fear of messing the case up), therefore the straps you can use are only a 2 ring or 4 ring NATO. My own preference would have been a 2 piece NATO strap as I feel that the other raise the watch off the wrist too much. 


 * This review was published by deano42 on tz-uk.com


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